Certification Types that Require Completing HRCI Certified Programs

silhouettes of businesspeoplePeople think that HR professionals are only bound to do clerical work in a company, managing employees’ profiles. However, they can also undergo certification to validate and improve their expertise in the field. This will not only make them better HR personnel, but also improve their leadership skills; that makes them better at guiding subordinates, maximizing their potential as effective team members. HRCI certified programs   concentrate in helping employees gain titles emphasizing their expertise.
Several certifications are available and their titles vary depending on the gained expertise and training in the field.

This is the general title, but it comes in three types. One is PHR or regarded as first level Professional in Human Resources title. Usually, people who gain this title concentrate in HR operations. People eligible in undergoing this certification are those who have one up to four years experience in the field. However, eligibility also varies according to the professional’s educational background. This title will help HR personnel master HR operations and practices as regulated in the United States. Having this title is the first step in paving career advancement in the field.

The Senior Professional in Human Resources or SPHR is often for individuals with four up to seven years HR experience and with their education taken into consideration. This training focuses on human resources strategy development, which is regarded as the sign of a credible HR leader. HRCI certified programs providing credits for this title vary depending on the program developer’s offer.

Finally, the Global Professional in Human Resources or GPHR focuses on global HR operations. This course is targeted for individuals working on cross-border HR operations. The certification will validate a professionals’ expertise in global HR systems. Common requirements include two to four years of experience in local HR operations and a minimum of two years as a global HR staff.

California Certification

certificationCalifornia Certification is represented as PHR-CA or SPHR CA. This certification is for HR personnel who are well-versed in HR regulations as mandated by the California state. Unlike other certifications, eligibility for PHR-CA and SPHR-CA is different. An individual should be a PHR or SPHR certification holder. Through this program, an individual will be certified in managing HR operations in the state.

Human Resource Business Professional

HRBP certification is recommended for those wishing to certify their HR knowledge skill on a professional level. Individuals receiving this certification are guaranteed to be adept in the technical and operational aspects of HR. Eligibility requirements for this license are the same as those of PHR, although targeted for individuals outside the United States. Several HRCI certified programs are focused on highlighting this expertise and with varying profiles.

Human Resource Management Professional

Also known as HRMP, this certification is designed for enhancing credibility of HR experts in local HR practices. Experts going for this certification would need to have the same eligibility for SPHR certification. Nevertheless, they should also be knowledgeable of employment law before they can get this certification. The focus of HRCI certified programs for this certification is strategy development. This is targeted for those outside the US.

These are just six types of certifications where these HRCI certified programs are targeted for. People wishing to take these programs should take note which certifications suit their goals. Some programs may work on two certifications, but this depends on how they were devised by experts. More than just the program, employees must see if they are HRCI-certified to guarantee the effectiveness of training materials and complete knowledge of the field. Fortunately, it’s now possible to find these programs online, making it easy for HR professionals to progress in their careers.