What Long Island Commercial Real Estate Firms Can Do for your Start up Business

Many people nowadays are attracted to the idea of having their own business. Generating income on your own and being your own boss are just two of the benefits that are too good for anyone to pass up. However, starting a business is not an easy task. After all, you are your business’ first employee and you have to do all the prep work, one of which is finding the suitable place for your business.

Real EstateLong Island is a good venue for business. With its large population, you will never run out of potential customers. However, the island is also a large area and it will take some time for you to find the right property. For times like these, it is best to seek the services of a Long Island commercial real estate firm like li-realestatefinder.

Why should you contract their services?

The following are some of the advantages that a business owner can get should he/she consider to seek the help of Long Island commercial realtors.

1. They have property listings –

Regardless of the type of property that you are looking for (commercial or office space) as well as the terms (rent/lease or for sale), realtors have full access to these properties. Property owners usually have their properties listed so that realtors can show these to their clients and provide the property buyers with more choices.

2. Transactions are made by one company only –

This spares the investor from the confusion brought about by talking to different agents. Since they will only be transacting with the firm, it is they who will communicate with the agents selling the property that is in line with what the potential buyer wants. It will also be the job of the firm to visit shortlisted properties and provide feedback to the business owner, thus reducing their hassle.

3. Commercial real estate firms disclose all information –

Since they are not the direct sellers/leasers of the property, they disclose all the details that the client needs to know to make an informed decision.

4. They can help reduce costs –

Real-EstateSince these firms are the ones that actually do the ocular visits to the potential properties, the client wouldn’t have to worry about transportation costs. With the firm’s employees, all the prospective properties can even be visited in a single day! Also, there is a minimal to no fee required from the client. It is the owner of the listed property that pays the realtor because of the service that the firm has rendered to help sell/lease the said property.

Finding the best Long Island residential real estate can be difficult and exhausting, but with these firms to help you find the best property for your business, you can now spend more time on the other activities that are critical to the success of your business.

How Patches Came to Be

Whenever you think of patches, what usually comes to mind? Little kids would often say “hey that’s what Captain Hook wears on his eye!” while adults would either think about skin related problems or those things put on clothes that are oh so common for police men. In a way, adults guessed right; patches have indeed found uses in both the military and police departments, but their journey to the 21st century wasn’t that simple. Adventure-filled, yes but also unexpectedly historically rich.

Patches have been known to be those pieces of embroidery that are created by using some fabric backings and thread.

custom PatchesThey can be attached to your clothes by the use of a pin, some fabric glue or you can sew them on to make sure they won’t come off. Modern day variants even come in iron-on varieties, which make the job of attaching them to clothing a whole lot easier. They might seem pretty plain and boring, but the history of how patches came to be is actually quite interesting.

No one really knows when exactly embroidery became a thing it’s a long-standing question that even history fails to answer. Retracing its journey throughout time has also caused a whole lot of confusion for both historians and enthusiasts. Though debatable, embroidery was said to be of Asian descent; records of embroidery from around fifth to third BC have been found in China and other Asian countries like Japan and Persia. However, numerous records have also been found in countries from around the world during the same era, so the exact location of where embroidery began is still a mystery to this day.

Embroidery has been mostly used in noble apparel as intricate decorations throughout many centuries and has even been limited to that sole use back in the olden days. With the handful of techniques used that were all done by hand, it’s certainly no surprise that they were limited to such uses. One amazing thing about embroidery would have to be the fact that although many centuries have gone by, the same stitches and techniques are still being used to this day.

The blanket stitch, chain stitch, cross stitch, satin stitch and running stitch are still the same stitches the ancients and modern day embroiderers use in making garments and other materials. It’s come a long way and not much has changed, even with the invention of modern technology. Despite the fact that several machines have been built to make sewing and embroidery a more or less an easier job, most embroidered cloths are still being made by hand.

Embroidery first made a huge comeback in the late 1800’s, when the first embroidery machine called the “loom” was created. Soon after the loom’s creation, the sewing machine made its debut and yet another embroidery machine was born in Switzerland right after its invention. Not much has changed though, hand stitches still dominate the embroidery scene today yet the art of embroidery itself has spread and found numerous other uses around the world.

Would you believe me if I said that embroidery did somehow find its way into the military? It’s quite obvious that embroidery’s been making a huge splash in the fashion department, but the military’s not exactly the place you’d expect to find embroidered things. It’s been mentioned before, and we’ll mention it once more; the military does use embroidered things, and they’re called patches. At patches4less.com, you can learn all about things like these for free! Learn all about the history of these small yet decorative embroideries and get into the craze.

PatchesThe usage of the embroidered patch in the military all began when people in the first World War used them for identification. They soon made their way into the second World War, but nothing changed with the things written on them; they were still the crude military signs that were often placed on a soldier’s shirt sleeve. Through the years though, the once rough looking patch was then turned into official military traditions and was even referred to as “shoulder sleeve insignia” or SSI.

From the Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force to the Coast Guard units, the patch has been of use to distinguish each unit from each other and to serve a decorative purpose in each military man’s uniform. Even the fashion industry took some inspiration from this and turned the patch into a trend.

Nowadays, the patch is being used in many ways; the military, the fashion industry, as a hobby or simply for fun, you name it. Who would’ve known that such a small piece of embroidered cloth would have such an exciting history behind it.

The Golf Ball Dimple was Discovered Accidentally

In history, hard wooden round balls with smooth surface were the first golf balls used; however golfers realized that beat up balls with bumps tend to travel farther than newer ones. Just like other inventions, the discovery of golf ball dimples is accidental. Research shows that the dimples in the balls created for golf can produce turbulence, which, if done right, will help reduce drag. The dimples are also designed to help in scooping up air and eventually moving it back to the ball’s rear as it spins.

Golf-BallSo it’s no wonder that golfers will do everything they can to make the ball go farther, so old, beat-up balls became standard issue and new golf balls were modified accordingly. Before, people thought that if a ball has more than the required or standard number of dimples, then it is capable of traveling more distance. Some experts, however, disprove the theory. Still, this did not prevent golf product manufacturers from making different kinds of balls with dimples.

The dimples typically added into a golf ball can be shallow, small, large or deep. There are also certain variations of the ball that have varying sizes of dimples. It should also be noted that the dimples integrated into a golf ball are available in various shapes. These include teardrops, ovals and circles.

Dimples have a huge effect on the ball that small alterations to them can create huge differences on how it travels into the air. For example, a ball with shallow dimples will travel much higher, while that with deep dimples will travel lower. This gives players the option of changing dimple patterns based on the situation of a shot.

The purpose of the dimples is to slightly increase drag and aid in giving the ball more lift. Without the dimples, the ball would be hitting the ground sooner than expected. As for the number of dimples a golf ball needs to have, there are no specific rules yet. Most balls used in golf have around three hundred to five hundred dimples – depending on the company which created the design. Companies that manufacture golf products, specifically balls, are even capable of producing and designing golf ball variations that perfectly fit the swing of different golfers. This means that the ball currently used by Tiger Woods is designed differently from the other golfers.

After reading this article and knowing that the purpose of the dimples used in golf balls is to increase drag and give more lift, we arrive to the next question some people might have in mind. Why not use it in airplanes? If the average people think that it would have the same effect it does to the ball in flight, then you might be surprised when you find out the consequences of having dimples on the wings of an airplane. After further research, it is known that having dimples on the surface or wings of an airplane is a big no no.

Sure, it will provide the expected drag but since accidents can’t be stopped or predicted, it is safer to leave the planning of the airplane structure to the aeronautical engineers. Also, if it were to be placed on the wings of an airplane and the airplane happens to turn upside down, it would most likely “help” the airplane crash faster and would make it slightly harder to turn right side up again.

Golf BallAs for the reason why golf balls need to have dimples designed on them, the answer would be to let them fly higher and at an even farther distance. Golfers will surely try to find ways on how to be the best among the rest by using the perfect ball with the exact number of dimples that will fit their abilities. In other words, every golfer wants to play the sport using the best ball he can find.

As of today, manufacturers of golf balls from different parts of the world invest millions of dollars each year to create the best types. They also try to create enough variety to perfectly fit the game play of each individual who would like to play the sport.

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The dimples typically added into a golf ball can be shallow, small, large or deep. It should also be noted that the dimples integrated into a golf ball are available in various shapes. Another nice source of information for varying sizes of dimples is available on Rockbottomgolf.

Writing a great keynote speech

Writing a speech or a presentation, especially a motivational one, may be a hard task for many people. It does require, after all, extensive knowledge on the subject that will be discussed. It also calls for eloquence, something that many people find hard to put into words, much less say in front of a hundred-strong audience.

keynote speechBut being an event’s keynote speaker need not be an earth-shattering, horrifying experience. This handy list of guidelines on preparing a speech or presentation aims to aid the uninitiated in the art of perfecting this particular performance. Know – and engage – your audience. In order to write a meaningful and truly motivational speech, any effective speaker must be able to connect to the audience. These are the listeners – your listeners – and your presence on the stage is supposed to make them feel better about their future tasks. In order to get their attention, know what they are about. Are they fond of visuals? Include a slide presentation in your speech. Will they appreciate videos? Cut your speech at an opportune time to sneak in a short and relevant video. Keep your audience absorbed in your speech.

Make it tweet-able

Especially if you are asked to be the keynote speaker in your high school alma mater, this is an important consideration to make. With the proliferation of social networking websites, the emphasis on concise but meaningful quotes is more visible than before. Make the speech memorable by inserting witty one-liners or deep, philosophical anecdotes that carry the discussion’s theme. The audience may not be able to remember the whole speech, but at least they will have retained a few words, the important bite-sized pieces, that equal the weight of the overall discussion.

Keep it simple :

Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to use highfalutin words to enthrall an audience. It does not make you sound intelligent; it only makes you sound unintelligible. A good keynote speaker knows that a good speech is one that is written simply and understandably. There is no point in writing an excellent script when more than half of the audience cannot grasp the main idea. To ensure that your speech is easy to digest, read the sentences out loud. If they do not make sense to you, the best thing to do is to rewrite them.

Use examples :

Cite the accomplishments and experiences of the people who inspired you. Success is not achieved by solo flight. Rather, it is a journey that involves a whole village. Share your aspirations and dreams to the audience, and who helped you achieve them. Discuss why they served as your role models. What traits attracted you to them? What were the positive things in their lives that inspired you? Sharing a piece of you – being vulnerable – in front of an auditorium filled with young minds can help build a deeper connection between the keynote speaker and the audience.

Sprinkle good-natured humor :

Making other people laugh will help keep them at ease.It is best to engage your audience in this way because you will be building a friendship-like connection to them that makes them absorb and believe what you say. Humor breeds comfort, and cracking the right kind of jokes at an opportune time will break the ice.

Have someone else edit your speech :

keynote-speechIf you are unsure about the efficacy of your writing, get another person to read and comment on it. This brings a fresh perspective to your work. They will be able to see the errors that you may have missed in the course of your writing. You will also be able to know which areas you should improve on, which can help you craft your next keynote speech.

motivational-speaker-success.com provides an inspiring thought and  make other people laugh will help keep them at ease.

Certification Types that Require Completing HRCI Certified Programs

silhouettes of businesspeoplePeople think that HR professionals are only bound to do clerical work in a company, managing employees’ profiles. However, they can also undergo certification to validate and improve their expertise in the field. This will not only make them better HR personnel, but also improve their leadership skills; that makes them better at guiding subordinates, maximizing their potential as effective team members. HRCI certified programs   concentrate in helping employees gain titles emphasizing their expertise.
Several certifications are available and their titles vary depending on the gained expertise and training in the field.

This is the general title, but it comes in three types. One is PHR or regarded as first level Professional in Human Resources title. Usually, people who gain this title concentrate in HR operations. People eligible in undergoing this certification are those who have one up to four years experience in the field. However, eligibility also varies according to the professional’s educational background. This title will help HR personnel master HR operations and practices as regulated in the United States. Having this title is the first step in paving career advancement in the field.

The Senior Professional in Human Resources or SPHR is often for individuals with four up to seven years HR experience and with their education taken into consideration. This training focuses on human resources strategy development, which is regarded as the sign of a credible HR leader. HRCI certified programs providing credits for this title vary depending on the program developer’s offer.

Finally, the Global Professional in Human Resources or GPHR focuses on global HR operations. This course is targeted for individuals working on cross-border HR operations. The certification will validate a professionals’ expertise in global HR systems. Common requirements include two to four years of experience in local HR operations and a minimum of two years as a global HR staff.

California Certification

certificationCalifornia Certification is represented as PHR-CA or SPHR CA. This certification is for HR personnel who are well-versed in HR regulations as mandated by the California state. Unlike other certifications, eligibility for PHR-CA and SPHR-CA is different. An individual should be a PHR or SPHR certification holder. Through this program, an individual will be certified in managing HR operations in the state.

Human Resource Business Professional

HRBP certification is recommended for those wishing to certify their HR knowledge skill on a professional level. Individuals receiving this certification are guaranteed to be adept in the technical and operational aspects of HR. Eligibility requirements for this license are the same as those of PHR, although targeted for individuals outside the United States. Several HRCI certified programs are focused on highlighting this expertise and with varying profiles.

Human Resource Management Professional

Also known as HRMP, this certification is designed for enhancing credibility of HR experts in local HR practices. Experts going for this certification would need to have the same eligibility for SPHR certification. Nevertheless, they should also be knowledgeable of employment law before they can get this certification. The focus of HRCI certified programs for this certification is strategy development. This is targeted for those outside the US.

These are just six types of certifications where these HRCI certified programs are targeted for. People wishing to take these programs should take note which certifications suit their goals. Some programs may work on two certifications, but this depends on how they were devised by experts. More than just the program, employees must see if they are HRCI-certified to guarantee the effectiveness of training materials and complete knowledge of the field. Fortunately, it’s now possible to find these programs online, making it easy for HR professionals to progress in their careers.